Spiritual Fitness With Pastor Jack

1 Timothy 4:8 Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better...

What is Spiritual Fitness with Pastor Jack?

We are a community of Christians led by pastor Jack Wellman. Jack will constantly be in the community chatting with people, answering questions, and guiding discussions to help everyone become a little more spiritually fit. 


Access to Pastor Jack 

Ask him a question or get his opinion on something. You can send him a private message or make it public so anyone can join in on the discussion. Think of him as the private and group trainer.

Bible Study

Pastor Jack will curate a daily devotional from Bible-centered sources that he feels led to share that day. He will also provide some additional commentary that will help guide a discussion for that day.  Stay in the habit of being in the Bible daily and it's impossible not to be spiritually fit.


We have a diverse group of people that have many different life experiences, backgrounds, and strengths. 

Book of the Month Club

Each month we will provide a free eBook to everyone in the community. We will provide a group within the community to discuss. You are welcome to join in on the discussion or just take the book and read on your own.

Support to Our Ministry

The monthly fee supports our online ministry (TellingMinistries.org)


You can read about our beliefs and values here.